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This year’s ballot is the longest I’ve seen in a very long time. There are a lot of local measures that are very important for our community. I’ve been leader on many of these including police accountability, renter protections, and healthy children. Below are my recommendations for your ballot:

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Local Measures

YES on Measure LL- Police Accountability– Oakland has dealt with police scandal for entirely too long. This Measure, creating an empowered and independent civilian police commission, is a good first step in providing better community oversight of the Oakland Police Department. Beyond this measure, I will continue to fight to hire more people from Oakland and address the under-representation of women, LGBT people, and people of color in our police department.

YES on Measure JJ- Renter Protections– This is a measure that I authored and passed unanimously through the City Council. Measure JJ will protect renters from excessive rent increases which are displacing many longtime residents and limit wrongful evictions of Oaklanders facing the challenges of a rapidly changing city.

YES on Measure HH- Healthy Children– Our children are facing a public health crisis. We are seeing epidemics of diabetes and obesity. After Berkeley passed it’s soda tax in November 2014, consumption of soda dropped 21 percent. For our kids’ health, this is an important measure to pass.

YES on Measure KK Oakland Infrastructure– I don’t need to tell anyone who has driven in or even rode in a car in Oakland that we are in desperate need of investment in our city’s infrastructure. In addition to repaving crumbling streets, filling potholes, and making things better for walkers and bikers, Measure KK will add $100 million to protect families from displacement and increase affordable housing in Oakland. It will be an important investment in our city.

YES on Measure A1- Affordable Housing– One of the major stories of Oakland and most of the Bay Area over the last few years has been our affordability crisis. In order to protect those longtime residents we need to pass A1. The Measure will provide loan assistance to working families and increase affordable rental properties available for vulnerable populations. We need to work to protect our community and A1 will help us do that.

YES on Measure RR- Safe and Reliable BART– As a public transportation advocate, I think its great that BART continues to increase its ridership. It’s time to reinvest and recommit to the promise of BART. Like subway systems across the country, we must reinvest to update BART’s systems to keep it running safely and reliably.

YES on Measure C1- Protect AC Transit Services– I may be a bit partial here as a former AC Transit Board Member, but I agree with the SF Chronicle as they noted in their endorsement “AC Transit is the underappreciated workhorse of East Bay transportation.” C1 will simply extend an existing $8 a month parcel tax for 20 years. That’s right: protect essential bus service WITHOUT raising taxes. No brainer in my book.

YES on Measure II (ii)- Leasing Public Property– Public lands need to be managed in the long term interest of the public. Too often the options are sell or short-term lease which limits the City’s flexibility. Measure II (that’s ii) would allow the city to create long-term (up to 99 years) leases which would not permanently remove public assets from future management decisions.

Statewide Ballot Propositions

Prop 51- SUPPORT– Repairs and upgrades older schools, and relieves classroom overcrowding so all children can learn in safe schools.

Prop 52- SUPPORT– Ensures continued access to Medi-Cal healthcare for children, seniors, the disabled, and working families.

Prop 53- OPPOSE– Stop attack on the local control and infrastructure repairs our communities need.

Prop 54- OPPOSE– Don’t give Special Interests the power to block needed and timely legislation on key issues facing California.

Prop 55- SUPPORT– Maintains tax rates on the wealthiest Californians to prevent $4 billion in cuts to public education.

Prop 56- SUPPORT– Increases cigarette tax by $2/pack to keep children from smoking, improve healthcare, and save lives.

Prop 57- SUPPORT– Authorizes parole consideration for nonviolent inmates for good behavior, education and rehab achievement.

Prop 58- SUPPORT– Helps students learn English without right-wing “English only” approach, and allows for all students to learn a second language.

Prop 59- SUPPORT– Asks lawmakers to overturn Citizen’s United and stop the flood of secret corporate money into our elections.

Prop 60- OPPOSE– This measure gives every person in California the authority to sue adult film performers and other workers, violates their privacy and reduces workplace safety.

Prop 61- SUPPORT– Help push back against pharmaceutical greed, and reign in excessive price increases of needed prescriptions.

Prop 62- SUPPORT– Will replace California’s outdated, costly, and failed death penalty system with life in prison without parole.

Prop 63- SUPPORT– The “Safety for All Act” will keep our communities safe with common sense laws to curb gun violence and help stop the wave of illegal guns in our community.

Prop 64- SUPPORT– Controls, regulates, and taxes adult use of marijuana, ends criminalization of responsible adult use, allows people with past marijuana records to have them cleared or reduced.

Prop 65- OPPOSE– Revenue from carry-out bags would go into a new dedicated State fund.

Prop 66- OPPOSE– Increases risk that California executes an innocent person.

Prop 67- SUPPORT– Protects our state ban on plastic grocery bags, reducing plastic pollution, protecting wildlife and the ocean.

Judicial Election – Alameda County

Scott Jackson– Jackson will protect access to justice, the courts, and public services for all.