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About Rebecca Kaplan

Rebecca Serves All of Oakland

Rebecca Kaplan serves all Oakland on the City Council as Oakland’s only At-Large City Councilmember since being elected in 2008. Before joining the City Council, she served as an elected director on the AC Transit Board and worked as a housing rights attoney in Oakland.

Rebecca Is An Effective Leader For Oakland and the Region

Rebecca successfully applied for and obtained a seat representing our entire region on the Bay Area Air Quality Management District Board, increasing Oakland’s voice as the heart of the Bay Region, and taking action for cleaner air and public health for all of us, winning millions of dollars and changes in policy to better serve the needs of our hardest-hit community, within a term.

Kaplan also serves on the Alameda County Transportation Commission (ACTC), which oversees the $8 billion transportation funding from Measure BB.  Kaplan has served as Chair of ACTC, elected by her colleageus county-wide.

Rebecca Is Sharp & Thoughtful

Rebecca is sharp, well-educated and grasps complex challenges. A lawyer by trade, she earned a Bachelor’s degree from M.I.T. (Phi Beta Kappa); a Master’s in Urban and Environmental Policy from Tufts University, and a law degree from Stanford Law School. Kaplan received awards for outstanding leadership in advancing LGBT rights and women’s rights, and for racial justice.

Rebecca Is A Trailblazer

Rebecca is the first out lesbian to hold elected office in Oakland history. And despite being one of the more senior members of the Oakland City Council, she is its youngest member.

Rebecca Is Innovative & Forward-Thinking

Rebecca works to solve problems with a cutting-edge approach. By using 21st century technology and working respectfully with others, we can more efficiently, effectively and creatively solve complex challenges and cut through bureaucratic red tape.

Rebecca Is A Person Of Faith

Rebecca is a bible scholar who attended Orthodox Hebrew school from a young age. She’s well-studied in scripture, fluent in Old Testament Hebrew and has taught bible classes for a variety of congregations. In 2010, the New York Times wrote a profile about her sermons in Oakland churches.

Progressive, Effective Leadership.