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Kaplan for Oakland - Rebecca Kaplan, City Councilmember At-Large

How to Vote — By Mail, Drop Boxes, Ballot Measure Info and More

This year, it is more important than ever to vote early, and return your ballot by mail early, if you can, or drop it off at an official ballot drop box.

Due to efforts to undermine the United States Postal Service, mail may take longer than usual.

You can find a list of ballot drop-boxes for Oakland and the surrounding areas within Alameda County, the current list so far, and more are being added, list can be found online at:

We are also urging the County Registrar of Voters to provide more safe-distance voting locations and more ballot drop boxes, you can help propose additional locations online at:  

Ballot Drop BoxIn California, all voters will automatically receive a vote-by-mail ballot this year.
Here is a news article with additional information about California’s plans:

Here in Alameda County (the County that Oakland is located within) our elections are run by the Alameda County Registrar of Voters. They will be sending vote-by-mail ballots to all voters. Once you fill it out, you can return it by mail, or drop it off at various drop-off locations throughout the County.
More information about Alameda County’s special plans for this year’s election can be found at:

California allows people to Register to Vote online. If you have recently moved, or are not sure if you are registered, you can check your registration status, and fill our new registration, online at:
When you fill out your ballot, make sure to look at each page, both sides, to find all the different races for candidates and ballot measures.

To vote for Rebecca Kaplan for Oakland City Council at-large, go to the page with the Oakland local races, find the section for Council at-large, and fill in the line for Rebecca Kaplan as your First Choice Vote.

For Measures on your ballot, we suggest the following positions:

California Propositions:
• Prop 14: Stem Cell Research Bond: Yes
• Prop 15: Schools & Communities First (Split Roll Tax Reform): Yes
• Prop 16: Repeal Prop 209 and Reinstate Affirmative Action: Yes
• Prop 17: Parolees Right to Vote: Yes
• Prop 18: 17 Year Old’s voting in Primaries: Yes
• Prop 20: Increasing Incarceration: No
• Prop 21: Partial Costa-Hawkins Repeal & Expanding Rent Control: Yes
• Prop 22: Anti-Worker Classification Measure: No

• Prop 23: Dialysis Safety Measure: Yes

• Prop 25: Eliminate Cash Bail: Yes

• Oakland Police Commission Measure S1: Yes
• Oakland Youth Vote Measure QQ: Yes