Get Involved:

For Safe Neighborhoods

We need a cop on every beat, improved trust between police and the community – and reliable, cutting-edge equipment and technology to fight violent crime. President Pro Tem Kaplan…

  • Voted ‘no’ on police layoffs in 2010, which led to an increase in crime and reduced officer morale. She has proposed a ban on future layoffs and cast the deciding vote for 3 new police academies with expanded local recruitment.
  • Will improve trust between residents and the police department by implementing real community policing to build relationships between officers and neighbors, expansions to civilian positions & an increase in community input.
  • Funded new 9-1-1 dispatcher positions to reduce response times, and as mayor, will make sure these positions are filled – and dispatchers properly equipped – so people aren’t put on hold in an emergency.
  • Has fought successfully for gunshot detection technology to crack down on shootings and illegal guns – and will bring new technology like ‘text-to-OPD.’
  • Has led efforts to fix faulty equipment like police radios so our officers can communicate when our residents are in need.

For Local Jobs

We need to tackle our unemployment crisis and expand economic opportunity for all by creating good, local jobs. President Pro Tem Kaplan…

  • Will create 30,000 new jobs by the end of her first term as mayor.
  • Was a lead author on a countywide plan to create jobs, fix potholes and improve transportation – a plan that will provide free bus passes for youth, improve pedestrian safety & enhance school safety.
  • Has worked successfully to move forward job-generating projects focused on transit-oriented development and building Oakland’s green economy.
  • Will bring key businesses like grocery stores and banks to every neighborhood in Oakland by expanding business attraction and retention efforts – and making sure that Oakland’s local businesses are included in new projects.
  • Will continue fighting for job training programs and policies that increase economic and professional opportunities for unemployed workers, youth and ex-offenders.

For a Fresh Start for Our City

We need to use new tools that improve responsiveness to the public, working proactively with a vision for the future to create a world-class city and improve the lives of Oakland residents. President Pro Tem Kaplan…

  • Is fighting to keep our sports teams as an Oakland rep on the Coliseum Authority. As mayor, she will build new developments to include hotels, restaurants and retail – and an improved fan experience – for a win-win that will retain our teams and create local economic opportunity.
  • Embraces technology to improve public safety – like text-to-OPD and gunshot detection – and improve other city services like online city permitting, illegal dumping cleanup & making public documents more easily accessible online.
  • Will ensure access to healthy food in all neighborhoods by building grocery stores and allowing community gardens.
  • Stood up to big banks like Goldman Sachs to save taxpayer money, stop foreclosures and fight toxic debt.
  • Secured funding for the Free Broadway Shuttle and Uptown Bike Station (coming soon) – and will continue working to secure additional funds to improve local service.

For Healthy Food in Every Neighborhood