2015 wrap-Up and Next steps for 2016

2015 wrap-Up and Next steps for 2016

Dear Friends, Yesterday was the shortest day if the year. Now, as the sun returns, the days will begin to get longer. As many teachings remind us, it is a time to seek peace on earth. And peace in Oakland. Let us believe in hope. When we look at the major issues we... read more

East Bay Express: Tax Evasion Is Not a New Technology

By Rebecca Kaplan East Bay Express Opinion: There is nothing innovative about a company not paying its fair share of taxes. With the growth of companies using “new technology” platforms to provide services, ranging from rides to short-term housing rentals... read more

Hon. Paul Cobb: “I have watched Kaplan keep her word”

I just wanted to drop a quick note before the polls open tomorrow. Take a look at what former school board member and Oakland Post publisher said about Rebecca in his newspaper this weekend: OAKLAND POST “A prodigious amount of thought and emotion has been invested by... read more

Our daughter, Rebecca

Our daughter Rebecca has been a leader since day 1. At age 4, she insisted on riding her bike – on her own – to get to preschool. At age 5, Rebecca was teaching her little sister how to read. By the time she was in high school, she was already standing up for people... read more

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