2015 wrap-Up and Next steps for 2016 | | Kaplan for Oakland

Dear Friends,

Yesterday was the shortest day of the year. Now, as the sun returns, the days will begin to get longer. As many teachings remind us, it is a time to seek peace on earth. And peace in Oakland. Let us believe in hope. When we look at the major issues we face, from gun violence, to the housing shortage, to climate change, part of what prevents action can be the hopelessness that change is possible. But we have taken important steps this year, and have more to come.

I am asking for your hope and your support. With re-election in November 2016, your contribution now will help us be able to be effective going forward.


Please consider making your contribution now if you can. 

The maximum donor limit is $700 per person – and anything you can give helps us build, and is greatly appreciated.

Our online contribution by credit card system is here. Or, if you prefer to mail a check, you can download our PDF donor formhere.

Update, and the Coming Year

  • We have passed important steps to advance gun safety, including the  $1 million we won in the budget for a program to respond to shootings and crack down on illegal gun dealing. In the New Year, we will be continuing our work to support the Safety for All initiative to provide gun safety statewide in California, and at the January 5th, 2016 Oakland City Council meeting, we will be working to prohibit leaving guns loose in unattended vehicles where they can easily be stolen.
  • We passed funding to preserve affordable housing and are planning for important actions in 2016 to increase the housing supply for all income levels.
  • We have an opportunity to harness economic growth to create good jobs for the local community, with local hiring and training, including job access for ex-offenders, and building economic success which includes long-time Oakland residents, by adopting citywide good jobs policies.
  • Thanks to new State law and Federal Court rulings, we have the chance to update our medical cannabis system, with taxation and regulation for growers and edibles producers, and permits for new dispensaries and delivery services. These steps can provide tax revenue to fund public needs, and improve public safety with regulation and inspections.
  • With the world adopting new climate goals, we have the opportunity to lead – as a city that can dramatically reduce automobile use through bicycle and pedestrian improvements and transit-oriented development.

Please help us strengthen an Oakland that supports all of its communities.

Your contribution by December 31st helps us enter 2016 with solidarity and support to create this vision.


Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!


Rebecca Kaplan
Oakland City Councilmember At-Large