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East Bay Express Endorsement: City Council At-Large — Rebecca Kaplan

“Several times over the past two years, it appeared that critical measures — to protect renters, workers, and the environment, or to strengthen police accountability — were being blocked by certain members of the council and city staff. Each time, Rebecca Kaplan took action to push these priorities forward. She’s been a consistent voice for social and economic justice and easily deserves another term on the council.

Her main opponents, Bruce Quan and Peggy Moore, are great local leaders, but haven’t made a case for why we should vote Kaplan out.

What’s more, Kaplan is now a veteran politician on the regional level. For example, Kaplan is chairwoman of the Alameda County Transportation Commission, an important coordinating body that doles out millions for infrastructure. Oakland needs this money, and Kaplan is already delivering it.

She is also working on laws to regulate and promote growing sectors of Oakland’s economy, including marijuana rules and taxes on sharing economy companies.

Definitely vote Kaplan back to City Hall. (D.B.)”

Originally posted at  http://www.eastbayexpress.com/oakland/vote-with-us-the-east-bay-express-endorsements-for-election-day-2016/Content?oid=4986340