Hanukkah 2017 | Kaplan for Oakland

Join us for our Hanukkah party, let your light shine!

Oakland City Councilmember At-Large Rebecca Kaplan

Thursday, December 14, 2017
5pm – 7pm
Everett and Jones BBQ

(Broadway and Second St)

Join us for interesting people, good food, inspiration, and hanukkah candle lighting. This event is welcome to people of all backgrounds and religions. In addition to traditional Everett and Jones BBQ items, we will also have hanukkah potato latkes and vegetarian food options

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contact: RebeccaKaplan2016@gmail.com

Paid for by Kaplan for Oakland City Council 2016. FPPC # 1381183. Donor Limit $700. The Oakland Campaign Reform Act limits campaign contributions by all persons (OMC §§3.12.050 and 3.12.060) and prohibits contributions during specified time periods from contractors doing business with the City of Oakland, the Oakland Redevelopment Agency or the Oakland Unified School District (OMC §3.12.140 paragraphs A, B and C).
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