Homelessness | Kaplan for Oakland

  • Allow housing alternatives that are cheaper and easier to provide, that are also humane and can be real homes for long enough to be effective for the magnitude of our crisis. Specifically, allowing ADUs, manufactured housing, RV’s, travel trailers, and other strategies using lower-cost options that still provide dignity and privacy, and that are actually built with the intention that they are designed and certified for housing people. With sanitation, power and water. NOTE: When Santa Rosa lost thousands of homes in a fire, they quickly passed laws allowing rapid housing alternatives like this. Our emergency is no less serious than theirs—they lost houses quickly in one night to a fire—but we have no less of a home shortage and ours is no less of an emergency.

  • Allow community-based organizations, churches, etc. to allow homeless housing options on their land

  • Expand “Navigation Centers”, buy SRO properties, buy hotels and dorms to provide sites for housing with services

  • Community-led and coordinated sites

  • Sliding scale, managed RV parks with sanitation and services

  • For more, see also news coverage of our Community Meeting on homelessness: https://oaklandnorth.net/2018/03/07/oakland-politicians-community-members-discuss-solutions-to-growing-homelessness-crisis/

  • Video of community meeting on homelessness at: 


  • Prevent more people from becoming homeless is essential, so we stem the tide of this growing crisis at the same time as we work to help those who are already homeless. Enforce and educate laws to protect from wrongful evictions and excessive rent increases. (Was brought to Council and approved by a vote of Council, funding set-aside in the budget to provide this service, in Spring of 2017. The Oakland Administration delayed issuing the funding to actually provide this service, and thousands of tenants continued to be displaced, often illegally, but without any assistance to prevent it).

  • Revise Costa Hawkins (on the November ballot)

  • Enforce against fraudulent use of owner occupancy claims