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Bay Area Reporter endorses Kaplan for Oakland City Council

Oakland City Councilwoman Rebecca Kaplan is our choice in this race. First elected to the council in 2008, Kaplan is currently president of the eight-member body and has built a solid record not only on behalf of LGBTQ constituents, but all Oaklanders... Regarding...

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Measure to Reform Oakland Police Commission in the Works

Charter amendment proposed by City Council President Rebecca Kaplan would make body more independent of mayor and city administrator. After years of advocacy for independent police oversight in Oakland, residents overwhelmingly voted for the creation of a civilian...

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Oakland to Host Forum on Public Bank Plan

Oakland Councilmembers Rebecca Kaplan, At-Large, and Dan Kalb, North Oakland, are scheduled to host a discussion on Monday about the city’s efforts to create a public bank. The proposal is designed to assist the region’s cannabis businesses, which struggle to find...

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Kaplan urged pro-active trash cleanup in Oakland

The current complaint-based system for removing trash and illegal dumping is not effective. Kaplan and community members are advocating for pro-active cleanup! Then you go down a street, and you pick up everything in that street, instead of going through a checklist,...

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