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Rebecca is a courageous leader who works with the community to put progressive values into action. Read more about her work on these important issues.


Rebecca is a compassionate, experienced, and hard-working individual. During this moment of crisis, she is exactly who we need on the Council.

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This year, more than ever, it’s important to vote, to fill out fully including local races and measures, and return your ballot securely. Consider using an official ballot drop box or early voting site.

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Rebecca is endorsed by a wide range of community leaders and organizations including:

Aimee Allison

Assemblymember, Lorena Gonzalez

Pastor, J. Alfred Smith Sr.

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Kaplan speaks at NO on 22 rally



Bay Area Reporter Endorses Kaplan for Oakland City Council!

Photo of Kaplan and other endorsed candidates of Bay Area Reporter Lyft Attacking Kaplan Article Oakland City Council’s Rebecca Kaplan preaches Torah, progressive politics READ MORE Measure to Reform Oakland Police Commission in the Works Charter amendment proposed by City Council President Rebecca Kaplan would make body more independent of mayor and city administrator.READ MORE “A broad community coalition has been working on a public lands policy, which I have also been involved with, to include issues such as prioritization for affordable housing, as well as jobs policies and other community benefits,” Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan wrote in an email. “This proposed sale disregards those goals as well.” READ MORE

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Kaplan Comments on Recent Situation of BBQ-ing while Black at Lake Merritt

Recently, throughout the nation, there have been a variety of incidents which received media attention, in which African Americans have been subjected to police intervention, while engaged in ordinary everyday activities. READ MORE