“Oakland isn’t ungovernable, just ungoverned.  I’m running for mayor because Oakland needs strong, stable leadership – to create safe neighborhoods, local jobs and a fresh start for our city.  I hope you’ll join us!“


Strong leadership for Oakland's future.

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In the News

SFGate: A's Lease Extension Talks Back on Again

“Kaplan…met with A's co-owner Lew Wolff a couple weeks back… he didn't get into specifics, but he praised Kaplan for getting involved in the talks. 'We are very appreciative of her intelligence and her desire to get things done,' he said. 'It's really wonderful dealing with someone who understands what both sides are trying to accomplish.'"

SFGate: Oakland Official Calls for End to Police Layoffs

"If Oakland voters agree to extend a tax to pay for police officers next fall, they should also be assured that the city won't lay off any officers when times get tough, Oakland Councilwoman Rebecca Kaplan wrote Tuesday."

East Bay Express: Why Rebecca Kaplan Would Help the Oakland Mayor's Race

"Kaplan's entrance in the race likely would improve the dynamics of the contest...with Kaplan in the race, there's a good chance that the election will focus more on the many issues facing the city and on which candidate has the best ideas...Kaplan would provide progressives with another voice in the race. She also has a history of positive campaigning, and thus would likely focus her candidacy on proposals for improving the city."

KTVU: Crime Scene Tape in Short Supply

"'We have to fix this,' said Kaplan. 'The crime scene tape, the non-working computers, the non-working radios, are all part of something that creates a morale problem for our officers.'"

CBS: Officers Burnt Out on Mandatory Overtime as City Reexamines Policy

"Some said the cost of overtime is ballooning. The overtime issue is scheduled for review on Tuesday with City Councilwoman Rebecca Kaplan asking for a greater effort to fill vacant positions."

SFGate: A's Give Oakland 2nd Chance on Offer to Rehab Little League Field

"The Oakland A's are offering to give city officials a second chance after they dropped the ball on the team's offer to help refurbish a Little League field in North Oakland… ...bureaucratic snafus led to Oakland missing out on the chance for up to $150,000 in money...Councilwoman Rebecca Kaplan has set up a meeting with the A's...to try to restart the rehab."

Willie's World: Quan Stands Good Chance of Re-Election

"Oakland Mayor Jean Quan is in major trouble with the voters, but my prediction is that unless City Councilwoman Rebecca Kaplangets in the race, Quan still stands a good chance of winning."

Tribune: Oakland Garbage Bills Slated to Jump 50 Percent

"Councilwoman Rebecca Kaplan was ‘ outraged' after seeing the proposed agreement with Waste Management, her spokesman said. 'We were promised a fair, competitive process. She doesn't feel that's happened.'"

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